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Narcotics Task Force

NTF Patch Founded in 1986, The Washington County Narcotics Task Force is comprised of members from the Hagerstown Department of Police and the Washington County Sheriff's Office. The NTF is responsible for the investigation, arrest, and prosecution of persons who violate the controlled dangerous substance laws of Maryland, regardless of the sophistication of the illicit operation. The office is currently staffed by fifteen personnel to include five officers from the City Police, five from the Sheriff's Department, an Intel Analyst, one full time prosecutor from the States Attorney's Office, one part-time prosecutor/nuisance abatement attorney, and two support staff.

The NTF is housed with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Maryland State Police at the DEA's Hagerstown Office and works closely with Hagerstown's Street Crime Unit. This pooling of investigative resources benefits each investigative unit with increased manpower, less duplication of effort, and by coordinating the targeting of drug offenders. Some of the NTF agents are also federally deputized members of the DEA, which gives these local agents enforcement powers anywhere in the United States. This has been very beneficial since drug violators frequently move through the tri-state area.


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