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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Resources

Emergency Shelter:

CASA - Office

CASA - 24 hr. hotline

Community Action Council

St. John's Shelter

Legal Assistance:

CASA Legal Advocacy

Legal Aid

Family Law

Free Legal Assistance

Criminal Justice Advocacy:

District Court - Cindy Collins

Circuit Court - Jill Ritter

Support Groups:

Co-Dependents Anonymous

Washington County Family Center

Help with Temporary Protection Orders:


Job Counseling and Referral:

Community Action Council

...is one of the most serious problems in our society today.
...is widespread throughout social class, ethnic origin and/or age groups and includes child, spouse and elder abuse.
...can go unrecognized.
...can result in serious injury or death.

Did you know that...

Cycle of Violence

Be Prepared - Make a Safety Plan

Safety During an Explosive Incident

Always remember:
You do not deserve to be threatened!!

Safety when preparing to leave

Safety in your home

Safety with a Protection Order

Safety on the Job and in Public

Your Safety and Emotional Health

Star Rule