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Employment Information

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is an Equal Opportunity Employer. M/F/H/V.

The Office of Sheriff for Washington County has inherited a proud heritage which, unlike other law enforcement agencies, receives its mandate from the Maryland Constitution. The Office of Sheriff is constitutionally responsible for the preservation of order, care and confinement of persons committed to the Detention Center, security for the courts and service of all legal papers.

In order for the Sheriff to meet his mandates, his employees must possess superior skills, integrity and knowledge. If you are looking for a fast-paced, rewarding career in a rural, but fast growing area, we invite you to complete an employment application for one of the following positions.

Patrol Division

Entry level: $38,141

The Patrol Division is the law enforcement arm of the Sheriff's Office. Patrol Deputies enforce all criminal and traffic laws in Washington County. They patrol an area of 458 square miles containing 875 miles of county roads and 774 miles of state roads.

Some specialized assignments within the Patrol Division are:

Judicial Division

Entry level: $38,141

The Judicial Division's primary responsibilities are to provide security for the Circuit Court Judges, trials and Circuit Court grounds, serve all legal papers issued by the District and Circuit Courts and prisoner transports.

Judicial Deputies are Maryland certified police officers and perform law enforcement duties as may be necessary.

Detention Division

Entry level: $33,279

The Detention Division's primary responsibility is the care and confinement of persons committed to the Washington County Detention Center.

Detention Deputies have no police authority and are responsible for managing the inmate population in all facets of daily activities including, controlling inmate movement, monitoring recreation, visiting privileges, performing searches and assisting inmates in solving problems.

Some specialized assigments within the Detention Divison are:

Employment Benefits

Patrol and Detention Deputies are paid an extra day's pay for each County Holiday (currently twelve per year), and are eligible for shift differential (depending upon when the shift begins).

Patrol and Detention Deputies work varying shifts and are assigned varying days off. The Patrol and Detention Divisions operate on a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year basis.

Patrol and Judicial Deputies are eligible for contractual overtime assignments, as available.

The Sheriff's Office also employs several civilian (non-law enforcement) personnel. These positions provide administrative, technical and specialized support. Examples of civilian positions are program coordinators, specialized technicians, records clerks, secretaries,
Detention Center cooks, classification counselors, vehicle mechanic, and facilities maintenance personnel. The rate of pay depends on the position for which you are applying.

Some non-sworn positions operate on a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year basis.

The Washington County Government offers a benefits package which includes medical insurance, dental insurance, vision benefits, paid holidays/sick leave/vacation. The retirement benefits include retirement at age 50 or with 25 years of service for sworn employees and retirement at age 60 or with 30 years of service for non-sworn employees. For further information on the Washington County Government benefits package, call the Washington County Department of Human Resources at 240-313-2350.

The Washington County Government participates in a deferred compensation program and employees are eligible for membership in the State Employees Credit Union.

The benefits listed above may be changed at any time at the discretion of the Board of County Commissioners for Washington County, Maryland.

Application Information

  1. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is in the process of accepting Patrol Deputy and Correctional Officer applications.  
  2. A competitive wage and benefit package is offered.
  3. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office maintains a policy in reference to professional appearance. Body piercings, tattooing, branding and mutilation are included in this policy. Policy clarification should be directed to the appropriate contact listed below.
  4. If you have questions about Patrol Deputy positions call: 240-313-2193.
  5. If you have questions about Correctional Officer positions call: 240-313-2124.  

How to Apply for Law Enforcement positions

To submit an application and test for these positions, go to the Testing Site and follow the instructions. The required application and test must be completed as instructed on the EMPCO website.

There is a fee to take the examination.

Those persons interested in applying for Non-Law enforcement and Correctional Deputy positions should make application by downloading and submitting the application under the Employment tab.

Advantages of Employment with Washington County

The Washington County Government offers a salary/benefits package comparable with the surrounding area businesses/governments. Washington County offers employment in a mostly rural setting with a lower cost of living than most areas of Maryland. For more information on the Washington County area, click one the following links.

Maryland Memories
Hagerstown, Maryland
Washington County, Maryland

The Washington County Government is a participant in the Maryland House Keys for Employees Program. This program assists employees with settlement costs of a new home. Click here for further information, or call our Human Resources Department at 240-313-2350.

Minimum Requirements for Law Enforcement Positions (Patrol and Judicial Divisions)

Minimum Requirements for Correctional Deputy Positions

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