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The Sheriff's Office invites and welcomes your email messages and will attempt to answer all inquiries or suggestions. However, if you have an emergency, please do not use email, call 911. For non emergency police assistance, please call 240-313-4345.

Administration Division Contacts

Douglas W. Mullendore Sheriff 240-313-2103
Colonel Randy E. Wilkinson Chief Deputy 240-313-2102
Andy Wyand Sheriff's Secretary 240-313-2103
Fax Machine 240-313-2105


Patrol Division Contacts

Major Peter A. Lazich Patrol Commander 240-313-2165
Captain Mark Knight Assistant Patrol Commander 240-313-2182
Shelly Dick Administrative Secretary 240-313-2198
Patrol Duty Officer Shift Commander 240-313-2173
Mike Lowry Personnel & Training Coordinator 240-313-2193
Sgt. John Martin Traffic Unit Supervisor 240-313-2191
Sgt. James Holsinger Crime Prevention& School Resource Officer Unit Supervisor 240-313-2194
DFC Carly Hose Crime Prevention & PIO 240-313-2195
Cody Miller Quartermaster, Grants, Planning 240-313-2867
Captain Todd Kerns Criminal Investigations Supervisor 240-313-2167
Lt. Greg Alton Criminal Investigations 240-313-2185
Sgt. Chris Weaver Criminal Investigations 240-313-2175
Det. Jared Barnhart Criminal Investigations 240-313-2183
Det. Mike Broas Criminal Investigations - Domestic Violence 240-313-2184
Det. Casey Swope Criminal Investigations 240-313-2885
Det. Dave Sanders Criminal Investigations 240-313-2186
Det. Bryan Glines Criminal Investigations 240-313-2886
Karie Braniff GIS/Crime Analyst 240-313-2168
Paula Kriner Child Sex Offender Registration 240-313-2169
Records Warrants 240-313-2192
Records Police Reports 240-313-2109
Records Protective and Peace Orders 240-313-2108 / 2877
Fax Machine Patrol Division 240-313-2197


Narcotics Task Force Contacts

Sgt. Mark Price Washington County Sheriff's Office 301-791-3205
Sgt. Jim Robinson Hagerstown Police Dept 301-791-3205


Detention Center Contacts

Major Craig Rowe Warden 240-313-2121
Capt. Edward Long Assistant Warden 240-313-2122
Capt. Doug Moore Chief of Security 240-313-2123
Brenda Wright Inmate Records 240-313-2127
Sgt. Tony Shank Training Coordinator 240-313-2124
Sgt. Steve Pryor Programs Coordinator 240-313-2148
Lt. Kim Crumbacker Detention Booking 240-313-2138
JSAP Building Jail Substance Abuse Program 240-313-2161
Detention Duty Officer Shift Commander 240-313-2136
Laura Melville Detention Records 240-313-2125
Fax Machine Detention Center 240-313-2152
  Central Control 240-313-2133
Inmate Visitation/Property 240-313-2872
Inmate Phones 240-313-2135
Detention Center Accreditation 240-313-2880
General Information 240-313-2884
Central Booking 240-313-2851
Medical Department 240-313-2156
Mental Health 240-313-2153
Kitchen Manager 240-313-2141
Inmate Programs 240-313-2147
Maintenance 240-313-2143
Inmate Commissary 240-313-2140


Judicial Division Contacts

Capt. Paul Boyer Judicial Commander 240-313-2532
Lt. James Cooper Assistant Judicial Commander 240-313-2520
Sgt. Valerie Buskirk Warrant Task Force 240-313-2536
Fax Machine Judicial Division 240-313-2531
Barbara Brown Admin. Asst. 240-313-2533
Lisa Embly Sr. Off. Assoc.-Civil Proc. 240-313-2537
Jennifer Davis Sr. Off. Assoc.- Child Support 240-313-2534
Judicial Holding   240-313-2529
Judicial Main   240-313-2530


Miscellaneous Contacts

Garage Vehicle Maintenance 240-313-2196
Information Technology Computer Maintenance 240-313-2860, 2887


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