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Detention Center
500 Western Maryland Parkway
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Detention Center Assistance - 240-313-2133
Records - 240-313-2125
Booking Intake - 240-313-2137
Inmate Programs - 240-313-2148
Inmate Services/Property - 240-313-2872
Training/Recruitment - 240-313-2124
Shift Commander - 240-313-2136
Medical - 240-313-2156
Substance Abuse Program - 240-313-2161

Major Craig RowePhoto

The Warden is the Administrator of the Washington County Detention Center. The Warden is responsible for thedaily operation of the Detention Center to include fiscal management, staffing and personnel issues. The Warden, along with his administrative staff, establish policy consistent with national and state regulatory and professional standards. The Warden ensures the facility operates efficiently, cost-effectively, compassionately and within the scope of the law.

The Washington County Detention Center is recognized by correctional experts as a professionally managed facility, providing safe and humane treatment of incarcerated individuals along with meaningful programs which assist in the transition of offenders back into the community. The Detention Center is accredited by the American Correctional Association and the Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards.







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