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Patrol - Commander

Major Peter Lazich


Captain Peter A. Lazich attended Pennsylvania State University for four years and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice in 1990.He attended the Frederick City Police Academy and successfully graduated in April of 1992.

Lazich began his law enforcement career with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in April of 1992 as a uniformed judicial deputy.In August of 1992, Lazich was transferred to the Patrol Division where he was promoted to Deputy First Class and was a D.A.R.E. instructor until October of 1994.

Lazich was promoted to Corporal while in the Criminal Investigative Unit from October of 1994 to December of 2002.His duties in this position included investigations, maintaining the Property Room and conducting Computer Voice Stress Analyzer examinations.

Lazich transferred to the Washington County Narcotics Task Force in January of 2002 where he achieved the rank of Lieutenant as the supervisor of that unit.During his tenure at the Narcotics Task Force he was deputized by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a task force officer which allowed him to perform large scale multi-jurisdictional investigations. He held his position as Lieutenant at the Narcotics Task Force until March of 2007 when he was promoted to Captain - Assistant Patrol Commander of the Patrol Division. In December of 2013, he was promoted to Major - Patrol Commander of the Patrol Division.

Lazich is a current board member of the 911 Emergency Numbers System Board.



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